Penny Matrix

I will go straight to the point.

Penny Matrix is a program that promotes eBooks. It also provides its members a platform, or the facility – if you like, to upload their eBooks for sale or marked as free! The website was not great. So the management decided on, what looks like, some major upgrades to improve functionality – unleashing with it all the disruptions one could think of! Incidentally, all companies go through this phase, at least once, in their life cycle. What matters in the end is how they manage the shocks, the fall out, and the wagging tongues!

I know others would now have you believe Penny Matrix have no products, because they can’t find where the library of eBooks are located, after the new website appeared! However, I believe it would be most helpful if PM would put it on its priority list of “Things to Do Now,” and make the eBook library easily accessible to both its members and the public alike as before!

Here is the latest form Penny Matrix:

The Public Library is ON!
We will be improving it as we go!
YES! We are now 100% “Go”!

More news to come soon!….

Thanks for doing a great job, everyone!”

I am no IT expert, but the image at the top is a snap shot of my PM back office!

These are eBooks I have uploaded onto the Penny Matrix platform. They are also accessible to other PM members because I ticked the right box to make public.

I would upload other snapshots here, if I could. Suffice to say that a current public page of the eBook library do exit! However, in its present state, it would appear, only existing members can have access to it from their back office. The fact still remains that if I can see the eBook Library, it means all PM members can also see it, by selecting “Privacy Settings” from the left menu and clicking on the blue link at the top that says “Click here to visit your store” when the new page opens.

My understanding is that this page, together with the old library site will soon become available to the public as programmers work through to complete updates on the site as we speak.

Click here on this link If you will like to join my team in Penny Matrix.

Magnificently highlighted!

Life resembles a trip on a train …
with its terminals …
with modifications of courses …
and with crashes!

When we are born, our moms and dads are the ones that buy our tickets, and get us on this train.

The travelling companions we make believe they will always travel with us on this train.

At some terminal our moms and dads will certainly get off the train, leaving us alone on this journey.

As time passes, various other travelers will board the train. They will show up as – our brothers or sisters, good friends, children, or even the love of our life!

Many will leave during the journey and leave a long-term vacuum in our lives.

Some will get off the train quietly without a word!

Yet the journey will in no doubt teem with happiness, sadness, dreams, assumptions, goodbyes, and hellos.

A well enjoyable trip is, enjoying the company of friends, being helpful to one another, having an excellent excellent relationship with all we come in contact with …
and seeing to it that we offer our finest to make our friends comfortable.

The secret of this magnificent adventure is:
We do not know at which terminal we ourselves are getting off.

We must therefore endeavour to live by tolerating the short comings of others, and hope that they do the same for us! We must adapt to new situations. Forgive the friends who offend us, and provide the ideal environment for others to be happy with the “talent” we have.

It is essential to do this since when the moment come for us to leave our seat … we ought to leave good memories worthy for those who will certainly continue on this great trip on the train of life.

Thanks for being a good company on this train!

Have an extremely pleasant journey of life … …!

Joe Baiden, Co Founder